September 16, 2010

Coming SOON... Better Hair Days, Less Sweat... GLITTER DUN

Hubby and I returned to the Murphy, NC flea market and loaded up the good ol' trusty Jeep with more STUFF! We'd talked with a Clarkesville antiques shop owner a couple weeks ago and learned he and his wife were moving their shop to Lakemount. So we decided to stop there along the route home, and you will see pix of that experience shortly. The temps during this trip were fall-like, which made us enjoy ourselves even more. I kept my eyes glued on the temp thingy to just JUST.HOW.COOL.IT.REALLY.WAS up there, and I was thrilled to see 52 degrees. THRILLED!!

You can see the excitement on Hubby's face in the rear view mirror. If you know him at all, you know this is him excited. And yes, I realize that it may be a sign of some sort that I continually watch the car temperature thingy to see when temperatures fall and how different the temps are in the mountains versus the blistering heat at Brown Manor. But I care not that this could be a sign of something negative because I.HATE.SUMMER.

I sure do enjoy the drive through pastoral scenes like this one:

Ahhhhh. Makes me long even more for fall festivals and all the good stuff that comes along with cooler temps- ability to BREATHE when outdoors, ability to BE outdoors, better hair days, less sweat, and holidays just around the corner.

Our experience at the Murphy, NC flea market was again fruitful. I found a plethora of smalls (that is retail speak for little things- CLEVER, huh, and aren't you glad I explained it since there is NO WAY any lay person could have POSSIBLY figured THAT one out if left to their own devices?!). Here's a pic of one thing I bought:

Oh yes; I'll take it completely apart, but I loved the Christmas tree shape, the vintage flower lights, and that it is on a wood stand. Going to be SO PRETTY!! Can you see it, peeps?? You will soon enough...

And here are some things I did NOT buy:

There are quite a few dealers with areas like this at the Murphy Flea Market, most of which I avoid, but I wanted you to see that yes indeed there ARE flea markets from bygone days still in existence. Proof positive.

In Murphy there is a restaurant called Chevelles and I recommend it. We've now eaten there twice and both times had a great experience. The atmosphere is all tricked-out motorhead stuff, but VERY clean and fresh and the owner is a chef. He and his wife put their story on the menu and it's a cute read about his culinary school, her retail and business experience, how they met, and how they ended up where they did.


We were pretty much amazed by the prices on the menu. To give you an idea, with your lunch SANDWICH order, you receive as an appetizer freshly baked bread with herb-infused olive oil and a nicely appointed salad with deliciously fresh homemade berry vinaigrette dressing. With your sandwich plate then comes cole slaw, AND fries. For $5.99.

$5.99. Did I mention the $5.99? How is this possible? By the way, I didn't get pix of my HUMONGOUS and perfectly cooked hand-packed cheeseburger and homemade fries because I ate them too fast. Absolutely DELISH. I was far too busy stuffing my face to snap any more pix.

Apparently it's a common thing around those parts to include the restaurant's "story" on the menu because Shoebootie's story is likewise available for patrons' reading pleasure, general education and edification. We ate dinner at Shoebootie's when we were in Murphy the first time and it was absolutely delicious, AND there is a local piano guy who plays there every Friday night. There is also an upstairs lounge called Shoetini's.

The story of how this little cafe got its name is cute and it involves Archie Bunker. Anyone out there old enough to know who THAT is?

So glad we stopped in Lakemount on our way home because I was completely charmed by the little shops in the tiny shopping area that greets folks on their way to enjoy lake activities. One of my new all-time favorite shops is called Annie's at Alley's.

Annie's Great sandwiches, cold drinks, lousy service, wine & beer

yes that is an old bicycle hanging there on the porch



There's a nice room in the back of the shop


even the bathroom is cool

(this is indoors, mind you, and note the wash basin outside the "outhouse")


The merchandise was all nicely displayed, many things on vintage and antique furniture and shelving. 

can you see the "Weekend Special: Roadkill $6.50" on the menu board?

my chocolate cake slice (cake was good, but icing was not homemade)
the girl working in there had baked it that morning

the tables are cute and inviting, but it was so nice outside we ate on the porch

I was ready to buy this little shop next to Annie's.

And I decided I, too, could have a charming trellis by just taking a trip to my back yard and taking some branches from trees I don't like, putting the stems together, and making one myself! Project got added to my to-do list! 

All that cooler temp type stuff got me in the mood for some fall decorating. At Hobby Lobby Buford I put together a 48" wreath that turned out really cute and happy.


See the glittery butterflies? Happiness.

Since in my visual merchandising and floral design job at the HobLob I often have my hands all over things that have glitter attached to them, I've decided that I need to invent something that will remove glitter from my person. Yesterday I showered, including washing my hair, started to put on my makeup, and saw this little glimmer shimmer right up on top of my forehead at the hair line... there was STILL glitter in my hair. What the crap, people. BUT despite the dangers, aches, pains, life-on-the-edge ills, spills, and chills of the glamorous life I lead, I still love me some glitter, and I've decided I may have a new motto...