March 22, 2010

Granny Squares!

I'm a granny so I can... I can have a granny square afghan, rock in a rocker for hours holding a baby, tell the same story over and over and over and over. Did I mention I can have a granny square afghan, rock in a rokcer for hours, and... oh wait.

My Candice made this granny square afghan for me and I positively love it. It goes on the back of the green sofa in the rec room. Fabulous!

Here's another one (not mine). I like the white ground as well, and I'd love to see one that's done entirely in taupes or other tonal colorations.

(image from Yvestown)

Here's a WHAT NOT TO DO for your design GADZOOKS file:

from BHG New Decorating Book 1981
there are few words...


Note the TWO vintage chandeliers... nice.

A laundry room for me!
saucy dragonfly

Time to go do some granny-type stuff! 'night!

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