November 6, 2010

Glitter Dun Awareness and Blessings of Many Kinds

Larry the Cable Guy may have coined the phrase, "Git 'R Dun," but I submit to you that I have become... the GLITTER DUN GIRL! OH yes, peeps. I am covered in glitter quite literally from head to toe on a daily basis lately. It is not humanly possible not to get glitter all over you when you work with florals and Christmas items at all. I think some pieces of it are now permanently attached to my scalp, as I seem to never quite get it all out of my hair when I shampoo, and I notice it when I go to the mirror to put on my face. Now I do realize that my charming personality and sparkling wit do at times make me appear to glow, especially to those who have partaken of a bit too much egg nog, but in the summer time that glow is... how shall I say it delicately... SWEAT. Some people glisten, some delicate flowers might become a bit dewy when under extreme duress be it physical or mental; but in summer months I sweat like a warthog running from a banshee. I may have mentioned my mild distaste for that particular season once or twice and I am so incredibly relieved that it is now more than tolerable, even pleasant, to be outdoors. Given that I am incredibly warm-natured,a trait from my Dad who is 64 and still does not wear long sleeves, (and by the way, what in the world am I going to do when I am menopausal??!! I'll have to buy an ice vest!), it doesn't take a lot to begin my descent into a state of ewwwwwyness. This ewwwwwwyness is apparently helpful to the Great Glitter Cause of Survival and Awareness, since it somehow acts like adhesive and semi-permanently attaches it to my person in the Fall and Winter months when I am cranking out floral arrangements, wreaths, garlands, and bows (yes, most of those have glitter on them, too).

Therefore, I do take it upon myself to at least put forth the effort to put my face on; a.k.a. apply cosmetic products in a humanitarian effort to keep the world from running away screaming when I enter a room. That is my daily sacrifice for humankind. You're welcome.

Here are a few of the culprits of the Great Glitter Situation:

This one hangs over the super LARGE nativity. The wreath is 60" in diameter. That is 4" shorter than I!

It is SO difficult to get decent pictures inside Hobby Lobby! The lighting is TERRIBLE (flourescent lighting is so dreadful). All of these are ligthed, although you cannot tell in the pictures.

It's the HOLIDAYS! Everyone has a lot going on around the holidays and Brown Manor (that'd be our home) is no exception.With the holidays fast approaching, on a personal level:

  • I've only have gotten STARTED Christmas shopping and it is only 7 weeks away!
  • new grandbaby coming within a few days (he and his parents live with us and we cannot wait to meet him, our first grandson)
  • 18 month old grandbaby running around the house (she & her parents live with us too, and she is THE TWEEDLE and all kinds of FABULOUSNESS)
  • parents are divorcing after 36 years of marriage (they do NOT live with us; I am adding this because it weighs heavily on my mind and in my heart)
  • church activities and decorating
  • somewhere in there I have a husband who works ungodly number of hours from October through the end of January (he's an Area Supervisor for Hobby Lobby Stores)
  • decorating the house for Christmas (removal of fall stuff, addition of Christmas stuff)
  • holiday cooking, baking
On a professional level:

  • design clients
  • floral designing and visual merchandising (that means I make displays look pretty) for two Hobby Lobby stores
  • buying & refurbing items, including furniture, for the antique shop
  • holiday events at the antique shop 
  • maintaining two booths at the antique shop
This time of year can be pretty stressful. And it's a little easier to tell oneself, "don't stress" in early November than it is around oh... say... DECEMBER 20th, but I've decided to apply my "NO FEAR" philosophy to the holidays this year, and be OKAY with what I get done, and perhaps more importantly, what I DON'T get done. What's your Holiday TO DO list like? Is yours covered in glitter also? Before I go too far into sounding as though I'm complaining, allow me to say how much I LOOOOOVE what I do! I appreciate my life every single day and thank God for this time in my life. My family is healthy and the girls, their husbands, and children, are planning to move out in several months, we have dear friends and extended family we know we can count on in times of celebration or need, we have a roof over our heads and we always have food to eat, decent and dependable vehicles to drive, and so much more. All of this and I'm reminded that all the things on my TO DO list are BLESSINGS!

For now I leave you with the following Words of Wisdom, which I think should probably be submitted to WallWords for consideration:


Don't you think it would be great on a craft room wall?? :-)

Now get out there, show 'em your guns, and GLITTER DUN!!  

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