December 13, 2011

Q: What's black & white & silver all over? A: Christmas!

A client commissioned me to design their home for several Christmas events. As there is potential for a move in coming months, the homeowners did not want to “go all out,” and we decided a two-phase approach is best. To this end, we developed a plan to get the basics done this year, which includes garlands, ribbon, bows, and a few accessories which would be appropriate for a January wedding reception being held in the home as well. The “second phase” will include additional ornamentation  appropriate for the new house, if the move does occur, and if it doesn't, more goodies for this house. Primary focus of the effort was on the entry, dining, and stairs areas at the front of the home. 

Flanking the front door is a pair of 7 ½’ slim trees in copper-finish planters with moss lining. These trees were bought at auction, were ugly, and had non-working lights wired on. It was a lot of work to remove all the lights and decorations and get it rewired! These trees are super heavy-duty and extremely THICK. I made 3x6" burlap strips to wire on  and that combined with the white lights are the only ornamentation  at this time. It looks incomplete in this setting but tree-topper bows and other elements will be added. A welcome mat and other accessories to be added by the homeowner. Fresh evergreen wreath holds the large double-ribbon bow.

All this luxuriously thick garland is entirely custom and may I say that it took FOREVAH to make all of it. Each 9' section is made up of 3 strands of garlands- 2 sea grass and 1 very inexpensive “promo” garland. The three strands have been wired together for strength and long-term use. The sea grass garland is all that is visible and it is very thick, feathery, and the tips have a purple tint to them that look black because they are combined with other black elements. They. Are. GORG.

Phase 2 includes adding a lighted slim tree to the landing area, if the homeowners are still in this house. The 44 bows used on the stairs are made up of double-ribbon and long tails. They help hide the “hardware” used to hang the garland, including plastic zip ties, which became my bestest friend as they could handle the weight load of this very full  and lush garland. 

This dining room literally had a BARE BULB as a light fixture! As the homeowners decided not to purchase a chandelier this Christmas, I came up with the plan to hang an upside down wreath from the ceiling, and ornaments from the wreath. The effect of the little lights I wired into the wreath is so beautiful! The homeowners and other folks who were there just after it was installed were awe-struck and I was so pleased that I literally squealed as I clapped and jumped, which was a little embarrassing, but you know, it is ME

The custom 30” sea grass wreath is lighted with 200 miniature white lights. It is plugged into the ceiling for direct power, and controlled by the switch plate on the  wall. Pink glitter-striped and silver snowflake ornaments dangle from silver swirl ribbon. A large bow disguises the hardware and the long tails hang straight down. Silver grasses are woven throughout the garland.

Dual bunches of three- 48” tall white branches adorn the corners of the dining room opposite the server. Three of each 6-stem bunches are wired with white frosted battery-powered lights. The power boxes will be “hidden” by black shred once turned on. These can be removed quickly & easily when not entertaining, if desired.

Large-scale mirrors flanked by mirrored candle sconces now frame the buffet. A silver tinsel tree and trio of pink bottle brush trees are centered on the glass top, beneath which is pink tulle. The mirrored sconces are home to black and pink double bows and vanilla candles. Dual bunches of three- 48” tall white branches adorn the corners of the dining room opposite the server. 

A trio of 4x15” vanilla-scented pillar candles sit atop the large espresso stained table. The homeowners’ dinnerware is white with silver snowflakes, so the two table runners have silver beaded snowflakes and branches details above the beaded tassel trim. The candles are each surrounded by small pink ornaments which rest on black shred. The clear glass hurricanes sit in black iron bases, with the center base inverted to add more height and visual interest to the center candle. The silver table runners are placed along the width rather than the length of the table.

The homeowner’s 11 year old daughter decorated the 10’ slim tree in all pink and black. Except for the bow, she did it all herself and I think she did a GREAT job!  I made the triple-ribbon bow and it’s HUGE. It has 12- 6’ long tails. 

Because this side of the stairs faces the Christmas tree, the garland, although still black, white and silver, has a few large-scale pink ornaments hanging just below the tails of the large bows. There was an empty silver vessel sitting on the end table so I filled it with more ornaments.  The homeowner is to replace the caramel-colored candles.

The wreath above the front door has all kinds of “jewelry” on it- lots of BLING that’s not really Christmas-y, but in this home it works really well. A large, thick glass ornament with a picture of a black chandelier in it hangs from the bow. The same ribbons used throughout the house are used on the wreath and glittery black ornaments including black snowflakes and crystal dangles are on it. It DRIPS with jewels. TERRIBLE picture of a really pretty wreath!

Merry Christmas-making, everyone!

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